Black Friday and PWA

Black Friday and PWA

Black Friday and PWA: A new alternative to increase your hits and conversions

Having a prepared team and keeping the site running smoothly for users to have a good experience while looking for the best Black Friday deals is very important.

But, focusing your strategies only on desktop is not a very smart option. Mobile has become the biggest channel of consumer engagement. After all, shopping can be done anywhere, anytime.

In 2020, Black Friday saw a 72% increase in mobile e-commerce revenue.

As a result, the PWA (Progressive Web App) has been gaining ground, as it promises to help increase access and user retention.

After all, what is PWA?  

The term PWA (Progressive WEb App) is a web application with technologies that emerged as an alternative to the mobile universe.

According to Galleger, the goal of PWA is “to deliver an efficient user experience, similar to that of a regular app”.

It offers various features for your website as well as increasing engagement.

Unlike native apps, PWA apps do not require installation. They work directly from the website accessed, in the browser of the device used. PWA takes the lead as a solution for small and medium businesses, due to the ease of access for customers and low cost, in addition to the reduction in page loading, a fact that directly impacts the stores' revenue.

Why apply PWA on Black Friday?

At a time like Black Friday, more than ever, consumers are looking for practicality and agility.

In addition to the operational advantages and low cost of the PWA, the user also benefits: No need to download the PWA. Access is via a link, which can even be found through Google searches, unlike native apps, where you still need to access the store to download.

PWA adapts to different resolutions and screen sizes for the computer, smartphone or tablet, without losing quality and functionality on the website.

Despite being light and taking up little memory on the smartphone, PWA has the same features as a native app. Another positive point for e-commerces that want to bet on this strategy to improve the shopping experience and increase conversions.

For this reason, investing in mobile is essential to succeed in your online store and for Black Friday actions. your website needs to be ready to load fast and responsive.

To recap… Advantages of PWA:

  • Fast page speed;
  • Allows sending push notifications;
  • Access offline and run on a mobile browser such as Safari or Google;
  • Are linkable;
  • They don't consume a lot of memory;
  • Increase in conversions;
  • Fits any screen and mobile device format.    


So if you're looking to have a website that provides a good user experience and improves navigation on your page, you need to apply PWA technology.

We hope you enjoyed the content.

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