E-commerce trends for 2022

E-commerce trends for 2022

Expectations for the coming years are even higher as the consultancy made byItalian Finaria, global e-commerce retail sales promise to reach 3.4 trillion dollars in 2025.

The market is increasingly competitive, so it is necessary that your e-commerce is prepared for the trends and opportunities that are emerging.  

To help, we've separated the main e-commerce trends for you to keep an eye on in 2022.


Recommerce is nothing more than the buying and selling of second-hand new, old or used products online. Carrying out the re-commerce of the virtual store is an excellent strategy for the circular economy, especially for the retail market, placing a used or renovated product in the virtual store, in addition to helping to reduce the environmental impact.

Live Commerce

Live streaming is the real success to increase e-commerce sales. Do a live on Instagram or Facebook, showing the products of the new collection, sale, in stock and live raffles, with sellers/influencers to publicize products and last minute promotions.

Payment options

Payment methods encourage the consumer to make the purchase, for this reason it is necessary to offer diversity in payment. The most used options in the future will be: Google play, Paypal, WhatsApp Pay, Pix, credit card, facial recognition and payments via QR Codes.

Among all payment options, the preference of consumers in 2022 will be PIX, implement this new feature in your store. It's fast, doesn't require so much bureaucracy to carry out transactions and the money falls into the account right away.

voice searches

 Consumers are increasingly looking for convenience and agility when searching for a product or service on Google. The ''voice commerce'' has been the preference of the users nowadays.

The SEO strategy needs to be optimized for ''voice search'' and the ''written form'', which are done in different ways, to meet the needs of each client.


You've probably heard of M-commerce. Most transactions on the internet are done through mobile devices. 91% of consumers have already purchased through the device. Therefore, your website must be optimized to meet all available mobile versions.

Virtual reality

Investing in this technology is the best strategy used for e-commerce. According to BigCommerce research, 35% of people say they would buy a lot more online if they could try the product first.

Implement in your virtual store so that consumers have the best shopping experience and reality, without having to go to the store in person.

In addition to helping to reduce product returns and exchanges, they increase conversions.

Automated Service

Chatbots are an automated service, which is already present in e-commerce. It arrived to make the customer's life easier, solving questions, problems quickly and assertively. In addition to helping to reduce the demands on employees and company resources, they generate greater customer satisfaction with 24-hour service.

If you intend to improve the performance of your e-commerce and succeed in the next actions, be aware of technological trends and update your virtual store constantly.  

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