Free Easy Custom CSS Application for Shopify User Guide

Easy Custom CSS App Documentation

Welcome to the EC Custom CSS application documentation. In this guide, we will cover some frequently asked questions regarding the use of our app.

  1. Using the App:
  • Remember to save and wait for the changes to take effect before reloading the page.
  1. Uninstalling the App:
  • Before uninstalling the app, we recommend copying the CSS instructions you have made and documenting them in another tool such as Google Docs.
  • To revert to the original design, delete these changes in the Easy Custom CSS App in Shopify and save before uninstalling the app.
  1. Forgotten Changes:
  • Sometimes, changes may still be visible after uninstalling the app if they were not properly deleted and saved beforehand.
  • In most cases, reinstalling the app will restore the previous changes. However, this may not work depending on the way you have developed your website.
  • If the changes are not restored, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the development of a Shopify store and editing the Shopify code.
  1. Additional Notes:
  • We do not provide training on CSS or the development of a Shopify store in our free plan. 
  • Please follow the instructions provided in the application documentation.
  • If you are satisfied with our app, please leave a positive review. Your feedback allows us to improve and serve you better.

Thank you for using EC Custom CSS. We wish you success in your e-commerce business!